Fisting Feast Volume 1 / Studio: All Worlds Video/ Fisting/Handball

Release Year: 2006
Studio: All Worlds Video
Cast: Carlos Morales, Adam Faust, Alex Leon, Brad Benton, Brock Webster, Chad Hunt, Cory Koons, Drew Peters, Jacob Slader, Jan Fischer, Jay Ross, Kyle Lewis, Rick Gonzales, Rik Jammer, Rod Barry, Steve Carlisle, Tim Rusty, Zak Spears
Genres: Fisting/Handball, Fetish/Kink, Dildos, Hairy

Watch in slack-jawed and slacked-holed awe as an incredibly filthy cast of superstars are on parade in this "anal adventure" that features insane dildos, butt beads, chain links, and deep ass probing. This showcases the best and dirtiest extreme ass-play and fisting scenes from Doug Jeffries’ Pig Trough, Depraved, Raw 2, and Delinquents, along with Chi Chi’s epically raunchy The Missing Link. The press notes definitely don’t lie: "Uncut and uncensored, Fisting Feast Volume 1 will feed your insides."

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Boy Gusher – A Gift For My Boyfriend – 1280×720 / I was really pissed off

I was stood up again from my boyfriend so when I woke up and noticed he wasn’t there I was really pissed off but I was also very horned up thinking that my boyfriend and I would be having sex so I decided to jerk my cock and play with my balls thinking what it would be like having sex with my boyfriend. Just thinking about how hot he is and having him suck my cock and we both fucking each other really made my cock swell and made my dick get really hard. As I stroked my cock and thinking about him, my cock leaked a lot of pre-cum helping me lube up my cock as I rubbed my pre-cum all over my cock as I stroked slower and teased myself which made me super horned up. I grabbed my balls and played with them as I stroked faster and grabbed my cock really firm and start pumping my hand with the fantasy of fucking my boyfriends tight ass. I stood and continued stroking and feeling that I was about to cum. I felt it building up more and more and I was about to release my huge load so I pointed my cock at his pillow and shot my load landing on his side of the bed and onto his pillow, I stroked until I got out all my cum as I watched it ooz out of my cock dripping onto his pillow, that is the gift I gave my boyfriend for not showing up and when he finds his pillow full of my cum, this will remind him not to stand me up for next time.

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FuckerMate – Carlos Leao and Apolo Sanchez – his ass with sweet brazilian seed

This week we introduce a nasty newcomer from Brazil: Apolo Sanchez loves to cope with XXL cocks and we paired him with is compatriot Carlos Leão, for a boiling Brazilian hook-up. As you know Carlos got one of the biggest dicks around, but Apolo is so skilled at sucking that he can swallow it all, inch by inch. With a rocky hard-on Carlos licks Apolo’s asshole and spits all over it. Once his work area is wet and ready, the hung top buries his bone in Apolo’s butt, pounding him as deep as he can. The newcomer bottom does not seem to have enough and begs for more cock and more fucked. Carlos is pleased to satisfy him and Apolo blasts his jizz all over his smooth, beautiful body right before his buddy rewards him and fills his ass with sweet brazilian seed.

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Clean Up Boys Part 5 – and grabs him by his hard dick

Little Parker is on his knees sucking big, black-boy cock like there is no tomorrow. �Do you like that?� Master Julius asks, shoving his fat dick deeper down his skinny slave boy�s throat. Parker can�t get enough. He eagerly licks and sucks, trying desperately to please his young master. After several minutes, Julius pulls out of his boy�s mouth and grabs him by his hard dick, dragging him to the bondage table, where he ties him down flat on his back. Innocent Parker lies there in anticipation, scared but also strangely turned on. His fear turns to terror when Master Julius attaches electrodes to the base of his cock � and his nipples! �I have a surprise for you!� Julius announces, then shoves an electrified dildo up the boy�s tight butt hole, making him scream in agony. �Ready for the shock?� Julius asks, as Parker looks at him with disbelief. Then he flicks the switch.

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Scoop!! vol.9 – Bind Fuck! – KO Company / Threesome, Toys, Waxing, Twinks

Release Year: 2016
Studio: KO Company
Genres: Gay Asian, Anal/Oral Sex, Blowjob, Bondage, Cumshot, Gay Fingering, Handjob, Masturbation, Threesome, Toys, Waxing, Twinks

過激映像人気ブランドここに集結! スクープ第9弾は緊縛拘束奴隷をフィーチャー! 今までに味わったことの無い羞恥が己をの快楽へ進化させる.! 容赦なく滴る蝋が雄肌を真っ赤に染める。 目隠し・拘束・蝋責め・鞭責め・雄泣きぶっとび3 拘束されることに喜びを感じる男 [ ]『 』 デカマラケイジが目隠し拘束の餌食に!縛られたまま二人に責められる! [ !] 『 2』 捕らえられたリーマン克也!責められ痛みすら快感に変わる!? [ ] 『ぶったらし 2』 足指ケツマンに突っ込まれてヒーヒー雄泣き!どっぷりが絶頂に! [ ] 『』 ガッチビ坊主が野郎2人相手に3交尾!蝋責めされて悶える! [ ] 『 3 -極悶少年精神崩壊録-』 「お願いします、僕を変態に堕としてください。」目隠しのままの蝋責めと鞭責めに.

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Kristen Bjorn – Amazon Adventure – horsecocked-and-foreskinned

Already a major award-winner, Bjorn seemingly does the impossible: he tops himself (in the filmmaking department, that is) and makes this one truly "amazing in the Amazon." Replete with an all-Brazilian horsecocked-and-foreskinned cast (all rugged, all either hairy or shaved), phenomenal outdoor photography (all shot on location in the jungle) and more hands-free cumshots than you can shake a mop at, this all-around winner is one of the director’s biggest hits to date, and a must for both Bjorn aficionados and newcomers. (Watch for the banana-in-the-butt.) If you’ve never seen a Bjorn, this is one to start with.

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