Jumped Part 2 – first by brutally whipping his stomach and chest / 1280×720

Master Tanner shows Robert just how much of a masochist he really is � first by brutally whipping his stomach and chest, then by electrocuting his cock and nipples without showing mercy, even as Robert screams �No! No!� Robert, now completely under Tanner�s control, is terrified, but his slowly hardening cock is proof that he is secretly turned on by pain and domination, even as he screams and squirms in pain. As his boy�s cock hardens, Master Tanner couldn�t be more pleased, so he shocks and whips his bitch boy even more viciously�

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Young guys have fun – Teens Twinks / Year: 2018

Release Year: 2018

Type of distribution: Photos
Format: JPG
Amount of material: 60 photosets 7541 photos
Country: USA
Genre: Teens Twinks, Twinks, Latino, Oral, Anal, BlowJob, Solo Gay, Masturbation, Cumshots
Description: Here in our models section, you can get to know our Tribe of twinks and explore their work.
Our crew of Latin boys all want your attention and here you can find a favorite and explore their encounters and solos,
as well as check in to see their latest on-screen efforts.

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Claudio Carrera Solo – Year: 2019/ ChaosMen models

Release Year: 2019
Video language: English

Claudio is a local guy who knows a couple ChaosMen models. He wanted to do some scenes with them, so I set him up for a solo.He really liked doing the photos, but he got a little nervous when the video cameras started rolling.Claudio has a big uncut 8" cock, and he used a dildo to really get hard. He is mostly a top, but we thought either the FleshJack or dildo would help getting him in the zone. We kept both on hand.He opted for the dildo. He slid it in slowly and that did the trick. He fucks himself with it for a bit, then gets on his back to really work his cock up to full erection.I played a couple videos for him, and he finally settled on a ChaosMen one and that got him over the top. Cum flies everywhere, and you can tell it was really intense!

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Hot Retro Fuck At Canary Islands – Oral/Anal Sex Gay / Year: 1999

Release Year: 1999
Cast: Hoyos (Janos Volt), El Volcán, Forro (Beni Laczko), Solid (Samuel Galamb), Peti Mosoli, Joci (Martin Sandor), Clapper, Temes
Genres: Oral/Anal Sex Gay, Cumshot, Big Cocks, Hardcore, Muscles, Duets, Group, Masturbate, Outdoors
Video language: English

Each scene is a poetic and erotic slice of the island with an interesting piece of fantasy woven in to the story. This is the movie where one of Cadro’s most exciting new talent is featured: El Volcano. Is he the "erupting" type or is he so hot? You will find out when you see Volcanoes. The first movie in the exotic series the master has produced…

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Jeff Powers And Brett Beckham – Studio: Randy Blue / fucked him doggie style

Studio: Randy Blue

Brett Beckham and Jeff Powers are tatted up and muscled down. They are too hot, and need to cool off. So I had them get wet under the shower. They began to make out and by the time they got to the bedroom they began to suck their dicks. Next Jeff rimmed Brett and got his hole nice and wet. Then he bent Brett over and fucked him doggie style. And then he fucked him raw every which way he could. Finally the scene ended with a hot cream pie deep inside of Brett.

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Ass Bangin Fun – Studio: Jet Set Reality / Chase Young, Hayden Richards, Jake Genesis

Release Year: 2013
Studio: Jet Set Reality
Cast: Chase Young, Hayden Richards, Jake Genesis, Joe Clark, Johnny Torque, Phenix Saint, Riley Banks, Seth Knight
Genres: Gay Oral sex, Anal Twinks, Group sex, Big dicks, Young men, Twinks

Ass bangin` fun starring Seth Knight! with chase young, Hayden Richards, Jake genesis, Joe Clark, Johnny torque, Phenix Saint and Riley Banks as you`ve never seen them before, up-close and peral. Chris Steele`s gonzo series delivers real sexual passion and energy taking you deep inside each sex hookup making you feel like you`re right there fucking and sucking with the guys. Camera angles Take you inches from buttholes, cumshots and rock hard dick sucking action. Ass bangin` fun stars eight hot horny studs in four ass banging sex scenes. get your lube, get your dick out and get ready to cum right along with these boys as they fuck, suck, rim and more just for you. Seth Knight. , Hayden Richards, Jake genesis, Joe Clark, Johnny torque, Phenix Saint Riley Banks.

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Operating Room Antics and Daltons Bondage Chair – Full Movie – The enema output

The two videos in this update are from our archives, origionally shot in 2012. Rank and his friends from MIR – Mister International Rubber pose as operating room staff and administer a rubber enema MIR style. Yep! The head doctor is Rank himself, while his staff consists of a guy in a rubber urinal suit and metal bondage stocks, and a guy on the floor in a rubber gimp suit receiving e-stim. The patient is another rubber gimp who is strapped down to a gyno table where he will receive the enema. Rank’s specialty is creating bizarre rubber scenes, and this one is right up there in terms of gross-out and weirdness. I guess anything goes with these MIR guys, so long as rubber is involved. The enema output of this crazy treatment is drained directly into the rubber urinal attached to the first guy. WTF. The second video in this update shows Dalton restraining a guest of SBI into the famous bondage chair. The guest makes cooing noises as Dalton tightens the straps, which is a good sign. This chair has inspired many other kinksters to build their own chairs, and we are excited that there are so many variations. I can think of at least 5 chairs featured on this website alone which have been built as a result of seeing our chair. And, our chair was inspired by similar chairs used in movies over the years. I built this chair myself, and my goal was to make an extremely intimidating piece of gear which had as many points of restraint as possible. I think my chair has 19 points of restraint if you include a neck collar which isn’t shown in this video. My idea was to get lost in bondage, which I think I acheived.

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My Chemical Boy Romance – Shun Nagatomo – Image Video, Exitboys

Release Year: 2010
Studio: Image Video, Exitboys
Genres: Gay Asian, Teens, Solo, Handjob, Toys, Masturbation, Posing


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