The Full English – Liam – Morning Glory – Solo Boy Sex Video

Not sure what Liam’s mum made of us arriving with camera equipment to greet her slumbering as she was leaving for work this past Wednesday morning but with a slightly puzzled face she kindly directed us up to her boy’s room, leaving us to catch the fair-skinned blond youth sleepy and stiff after another late night out on the tiles.

After the slightly nervous studio shoot it was fun to see Liam at his most relaxed and to film a revealing conversation – amongst other things. He tells us a bit about his pulling techniques, including the best days of the week to score: on student nights – as the girls have accommodation in which to entertain the boys.

We had hoped to shoot an interview in Liam’s leafy family garden but an intense burst of April showers (the wettest day this year so far) kept us indoors for the whole morning and so we stay warm and dry in Liam’s bed for some pyjama games. Having just reached his sexual maturity this fit 20-year-old tells us about a particularly gory recent conquest. Thankfully Liam is always happy to spills the beans for our readers.

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The Full English – Christopher – After Six – Solo Boy Sex Video

Chris has been such a big hit that we’ve headed to his neck of the woods this week in order to catch him straight after work. He changed his clothes but we asked him not to wash – we wanted to capture him showering off a hard day’s dust and sweat and enjoying a relaxing in the early evening sunshine.

Chris’s life could have taken a very different turn as he tells us his mum wanted him to be a priest. Thankfully he appears to have no hang-ups whatsoever and is such a natural in front of the camera, in fact the only complaint we had from our subscribers was that there wasn’t one soft cock shot in his entire debut shoot. Chris laughs when we tell him this and admits he finds the whole experience quite arousing – but then he adds that it doesn’t take much to arouse him.

He tells us a great story in his latest film: he was recently waiting tables at a rowdy private hen night party and allowing the girls to shots from his belly button. Being the irresistible hunk that he is it wasn’t long before one of the girls was on her knees fellating him in the bathroom as ten of her mates cheered on. We forgot to ask if the lucky girl was the bride-to-be…

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The Full English – Kieran – Night Before Christmas – Solo Boy Sex Video

A slightly longer edit than usual to help recreate the feeling of being holed up with Kieran for several hours in his plush central London hotel room before he’s due to head back to Ireland for the Christmas holidays the next morning.

Downing a bottle of fizz Kieran talks candidly about life, work and sex including what’s he’s up for next in his performance journey. After a hot shower he performs a solo but perhaps the cutest part of the film is watching him relaxed and naked and totally uninhibited while he tries to persuade a pretty new aquaintance on the phone to join him later for – after all the hotel room is his for the rest of the night so why not make some use of it? She’s not having any of it and watching this competitive alpha-male’s irritation at her to give in is genuinely sweet.

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The Full English – William – Midweek Workout – Solo Boy Sex Video

We catch up with the golden boy in the cold early days of January after a hard day’s work, post-shower with some hot dinner inside him. His house-share mate was out for the evening and so Will was able to chat and relax on the downstairs sofa.

Will has suffered from the dreaded Norro virus for the past few weeks and was feeling very out of shape even though he’s been running eight miles several times a week. We reassured him that many of our members like to see their favourite models change shape from time to time and heavier is cool too.

William hasn’t even felt up to his usual sport of playing the field since we last spoke to him – which proves how ill he must have been – but then we point out that settling into a steady relationship with his girlfriend should have curbed his sex-addiction to some degree – surely? Apparently his new lady doesn’t like fur on her man’s body at all so catch Will’s golden hairs before his Delilah some depilatory work.

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ActiveDuty – John – Solo Boy Sex Video

Release Year: 2019
Studio: ActiveDuty
Cast: John
Genres: cumeating, cumshot, gay, masturbation, porn, posing, selfabuse, solo

John is 22 years old and 5 foot 11.5. Well, he’s really 6 feet tall but likes to throw in the .5 difference in there just for fun. Last but not least he weighs 195 lbs. John is addicted to working out, it’s his life! It’s what he does every day and what he lives for. John is a thick-built young man with smooth creamy skin and a great chest that screams ‘rub me!’ His tight jeans show off his thick manly thighs, so much so that it looks like they will rip right out. He has some ink on his right shoulder but not too much so his skin isn’t drowned out as he strokes his dick. He’s a tad bit nervous but that’s what makes this scene so sexy. I love the thought of knowing this is his first time masturbating on camera and trying out for the squad. I’m sure he will be back to play with one of our Veterans. Finally, John unleashes his built up load from stroking his hard dick. His fat thick cock blasts a creamy thick load onto his chest and Claude swarms in to get the best angle possible.

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