Burton & Espen Serviced – Gay Porn Download

Release Year: 2019
Studio: ChaosMen
Cast: Burton & Espen
Genres: big dick, hard, muscle, gay
Video language: English

These two were perfectly matched!

Espen starts by kissing the back of burton’s neck, a particularly sensitive part of burton’s body. Espen plays with his cock, getting him hard. They then spin facing each other and espen begins to suck his cock.

Espen pushes him back on to the bed so he can get a better sucking angle. Anytime you hear burton tell espen to lick his balls, he is re-directing espen because he is close to cumming. I think an edge chair will be in burton’s future.

Next burton sucks on espen’s cock, and despite burton’s diminutive size, he handles espen’s big dick with great skill. This bi boy sure can suck dick!

Burton gags a bit, and loses his boner a bit from all the attention he is giving to espen. Espen goes back to sucking him while standing, getting him hard again.

They then move over to the bed and they 69 suck each other.

Burton gets upright and fucks his face, but is already getting too close. So, we ran with that, leaving espen on his back. Burton strokes his cock furiously, eager to give espen a facial.

Burton dumps a huge load onto espen’s face, one thick stripe of jizz across his chin.

Espen, ever the pro, quickly ramps-up his cock, cumming moments later after burton came.

I really enjoyed working with burton and am hoping to get him back to this guy get fucked!

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Zion Nicholas & Spencer Laval – Gay Porn Download

Genres: Anal Sex, Bareback, Big Dick, Blowjob, Cumshots, Interracial, Masturbation, Muscles, Rimming, Tattoos.
Video language: English

Spencer Laval arrived first so he sat down with Dirk for a small conversation before Zion Nicholas arrived. Spencer is excited to be fucked by Zion’s big dick. Zion comes walking into the room and Dirk has them get into action right away. Zion is a little nervous but Spencer isn’t so he takes his clothtes off and soon enough he has Zion’s big hard cock deep in his mouth. Spencer gags on every inch of his dick and can’t help but compliment him on how sexy his throbbing cock is. Zion wants to try sucking some cock so he begins to suck on Spencers and he uses lots of spit which he gags all over. Zion loves the dick in his mouth but all of a sudden he flips Spencer’s legs up in the air and spreads his ass and buries his face in his hole. Spencer’s ass is ready to be fucked and he tells Zion its time to bend him over. Zion does just that and pushes his hard raw cock into Spencer’s super tight hole. Once his hole is spread from the girth of Zion he starts fucking him hard and deep all over the bed. Zion uses his big dick perfectly and makes Spencer blow his load all over himself and soon enough Zion pulls his cock out and strokes all over his nut all over Spencer.

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Str8 Chaser – Skylar Hill (with Daniel Hausser) – Gay Porn Download

Release Year: 2020
Studio: RealityDudes

Skylar Hill and beats a quick retreat to the back of the Str8 Chaser-mobile so Alora can sweet-talk Skylar into putting on a blindfold and getting out his cock. That’s Daniel’s cue to slip out and slip that hard dick into his mouth. When Skylar figures out who’s really sucking his cock, it doesn’t take much persuasion to let Daniel continue and even to get this straight guy to suck his first dick! Skylar fucks Daniel hard, then the guys jack their cocks till they cum.

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Get Wet – Gay Porn Download

Genres: Muscle, Tattoos, Shaved Head, Kissing, Blowjob, Anal, Oral, Cumshot, Facial, Cum Eat, Rimming
Video language: English

Aaron Savvy is out lying by the pool taking in the sun when Nick Fitt gets in the water. Nick can’t seem to get Aaron’s attention, so he throws water on the sunbathing stud. It gets the desired result and Aaron joins Nick in the pool. Nick goes down for an underwater blowjob that gets Aaron revved up and ready for more. Aaron carries Nick out of the pool and puts him on a lounge chair before taking Nick’s long hard dick in his mouth. All the action is driving Aaron wild and he takes it to the next step by rimming Nick’s tight ass. Aaron gets it nice and opened up before he slowly slides his hard dick into Nick’s waiting hole. Aaron builds to a frenzy as he fucks his buddy faster and harder. The studs switch it up and after riding Aaron, Nick mounts up for a final run. This time there’s no holding back and Aaron pounds Nick’s ass until Nick blows a geyser of thick creamy cum. When Aaron sees Nick’s load, it pushes him past the point of no return, and he pulls out to shoot his load all over Nick’s eager face.

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Next Door Originals – Fuck Hunter – Gay Porn Download

Release Year: 2019
Studio: Next Door Originals
Cast: Mathias, Hunter Smith
Genres: anal, bareback, door, fhd, fuck, hunks, hunter, mathias, muscles, next, oral, porn, raw, smith, gay

Hunter Smith is livid that step-boy Mathias has outed him to their parents, and he’s threatening to reveal Mathias’ little secret as well. Mathias has been giving the business to Hunter on the side, ever since he found out Hunter likes the dick, and now Hunter is threatening to spill the tea. Mathias slams him up against the dresser and tells Hunter that if he tells, he’ll never get that sweet love again, and just to remind Hunter what he’d be missing out on, Mathias unzips his pants and whips out his cock. Hunter licks his lips and promises not to tell, dropping to his knees as Mathias pushes him onto his cock. He fucks his step-boy’s throat before bending him over the bed and long dicking his hole. Hunter savors every inch of the cock inside him as Mathias fucks him family style, pounding him until he shoots his wad all over himself as Mathias continues to go at it. He pulls out and empties his secret all over Hunter, covering him with his familial load as the two of them promise to keep it to themselves.

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Jason Sparks Live – Maxx Simms & Scott Demarco Bareback In Nashville – Gay Porn Download

Maxx Simms is a lucky guy – for his first time on camera he’s with the ever sexy Scott DeMarco. The two bearded hotties embrace and kiss. Maxx is soon on his knees worshiping Scott’s mighty thick cock.

The cock is soon fucking his ass bare – Maxx has great tattoos on his back as Scott can check out with him on all fours as he fucks him. Scott breeds a huge load deep inside the furry faced Maxx which he is stoked to receive!

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