Paradisio Inferno – Studio: Cadinot / Year: 1994

Release Year: 1994
Studio: Cadinot , French Art
Cast: Alexandre Parrys, Alexis Ciccone, Axel Vermuist, Claudio Rosso, Damien Carrey, Florent Mareuil, Gilles Fournier, Jean-Baptiste Armand, Michel Constant, Simon Larquet, Tanguy Feuillade, Vincent Daimler, Vincent Jammet
Genres: Twinks,Young Meat,Big and Thick,Threeways,Condom, Suck & Fuck

13 teenagerspete in 7 situations. From the petty bourgeois to the shady and shady prowler, from the ma on foot to the suburban lord, from the zealous valet to the salacious sailor, they were led to meet on a construction site, in a waiting room, behind a suburban fence , In a squalid subsoil or on the docks of a port. Who manipulates? Is it the hand of God, is it the hand of the Devil that causes these situations from which everything can spring? Are these beautiful kids free to tip the scales on the Paradise side or on the Hell side? In any case their choice is first of all sex!

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LatinBoyz Mexican Twink – Our newest model is a college student from L.A named Dino.

Age 21 – Height 5′ 7″ – Weight 135 lbs. – Mexican-American

Thursday, November 21st new video added. When getting sucked up he loves to have his foreskin licked and nibbled on, and luckily for him he has lots of it to play with. He’s versatile and likes to top guys that are really masculine so he can show them who’s really in charge. His biggest turn on when getting fucked is feeling the top’s dick throb while he’s cumming inside of him.

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Corey – Studio: Club Amateur Usa / 1920×1080

Studio: Club Amateur Usa

After a couple of mentions by members of Corey from Zack Randall (after Neos appearance on ClubAmateurUSA), lo & behold, he expressed interest in sliding onto the massage table.
And once again, when it comes to being open to truly sexplore, its never the ones that I expect, and Corey, absolutely, blew all of my expectations out of the proverbial water. Just wow!
From the moment Corey slid on, his cock started popping a chubby, and by the time my tongue slid into his manhole, Corey was at full staff. And in my 15 years of producing ClubAmateurUSA, this is the first that I remember a guy on the table reaching back to spread his cheeks so that I could bury my face deeper.
While he admits to enjoying being rimmed after a gang-bang video shoot where one of the chicks told Corey, I wont think youre gay if you let me rim you. Yeah, theres a lot to unpack there, but suffice it to say, he was hooked on a tongue in his hole.

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Next Door Twink – Next Door Twink / assfucking, blowjob, cumeating

Studio: Next Door Twink
Cast: Shawn Andrews, Ace Stone
Genres: anal, assfucking, blowjob, cumeating, gay, fucking, hunks, oral, porn, rimming, sex, sucking, twinks

Two lovely beautiful boys decided to have a good fucking! As usual, it all starts with a deep blowjob, after sucking off a pussy, our hero takes over his lover’s ass and fucks it fondly. The guys try different poses, it all looks pretty and cute! Cool video for what you would enjoy!

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Only Shining Star Ryoma -言葉攻めでテンションと股間は最高潮

Studio: Coat West

全編撮り下ろしで涼馬に !

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Naughty Passion – Gay Couples, Teens, Big Dick / Year: 2019

Release Year: 2019
Studio: Eye Candy Films
Genres: Bareback Sex, Gay Couples, Teens, Big Dick, Rimming, Sucking, Fucking, Sperm Eating, Sperm Sucking,
Video language: English

These fine young specimens can’t get enough of rock-hard cock, so they fill their days (and their holes) satisfying all of their carnal desires! Lots of tight, smooth bodies with great rimming, blowing and cumshots abound. Nothing but steaming hot sex as these nine boys pair up and even go threes-up to show you just how deep naughty passion can go!

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Track Meet – Royal Oak Films / Year: 1976

Release Year: 1976
Studio: Royal Oak Films
Cast: Michael Davis, Don Ranger, Gavin Geoffrey, Larry Paige, Duff Paxton, T.C. Mathis
Genres: Pre-condom, Bareback, Vintage, Oral/Anal Sex, Seduction, Locker Room, Jockstraps Sniffing

Paralleling the story of The Idol, this Steve Scott feature film (theatrically released in 1976) presents a young track star’s (lean, long-legged, saucer-eyed Gavin Geoffrey) tension ining out and accepting himself. "Surrounded by sex, Gavin answers everye-on with a sneer, this guy needs to get laid bad, Track Meet’s calm realism, gentle humor and ultimate optimism are all Steve Scott at his best." – Adult Video News.

Romance, fulness, affection and lovemaking are explored by Gavin as he discovers himself and the world of gay sex. The sex begins with Gavin watching Duff Paxton servicing Michael Davis’ boner in the locker room. Next, after Gavin has run off to the showers and Larry Paige (David) has left behind his sweaty jockstrap, a fetishistic solo by Paxton follows. He snatches up the supporter and proceeds to sniff it, wrapping it around his cock and balls before blowing a load into the cup. Later, Gavin bes a mild participant to sex when he lets a married friend of his (Don Ranger) blow him,while the dude’s wife is in the next room. Tension builds as the teammates sit on a bus; Gavin squirms nervously as Paxton sits behind him in the back seat. What follows is a wonderful session of a man making a pig of himself, and then sitting on, the other man’s cock.

Next, while the teammates are on the road, Gavin is "" to suck the big, thick rod of a black hotel steward. This is a very psychosexual segment noting Gavin’s resistance and yet his undeniable interest, fascination and participation. It ends with hising out to David, his roommate, and an interplay of lovemaking and sexual exploration.

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Blaine – he is a hot military dude with a thick cock and beautiful natural pubes.

Studio: Chaosmen

he has some nice low-hangers too!he is married, but seems a little interested in experimenting with guys. his girl appears to be supporting him in his gay porn endeavors, so that is pretty cool of her. he likes girls with round small asses and his favorite thing to do is get his cock sucked while playing with them. he said getting head is his favorite thing which is very true. in order to get him to cum, all i had to do was put a video on of a girl sucking a big cock. not sure how that will translate for an oral video. likely he will be all for getting head, but he is not sure about sucking back. it will be interesting to see how he does for his serviced video, so stay-tuned for next week!

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